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Emacs support for php files

Package: php-elisp
Priority: optional
Section: universe/text
Installed-Size: 332
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <>
Original-Maintainer: Thierry Randrianiriana <>
Architecture: all
Version: 1.5.0-1
Depends: emacs23 | emacs22 | emacsen
Recommends: speedbar
Suggests: php5, php5-cli
Filename: pool/universe/p/php-elisp/php-elisp_1.5.0-1_all.deb
Size: 56526
MD5sum: 59f35e6b39225d88d7a370f7eb4e811f
SHA1: ebdb7a723f534dc2ed27154a02e76fd33a4651b4
SHA256: e13f5d11b5b94c2dfea013183760226d10d993bd510834af7974848a8b6b16ae
Description: Emacs support for php files
 Emacs major mode for php supporting syntax highlighting, indentation
 and good integration with html-statements.
Origin: Ubuntu