eyeOS is a disruptive desktop entirely usable from a web browser. It includes an office suite and some collaboration aplications, as well as a full framework to develop new web apps as if they were desktop apps. It’s Free and Open Source –so you can host your own system, keeping all your data under your control.

eyeOS as a Rich Internet Application (RIA)

Thanks to its architecture develop apps for eyeOS is easy. It is possible to design and develop quality applications with total security, robust applications and customized, fully integrated in eyeOS and properly aligned with business goals of our clients.


With just an Internet capable device you can access all your files, no matter where you are. That is, just open your eyeOS desktop in an Internet café in Paris. Travel to Sydney and open your eyeOS system from another computer. It is exactly the same desktop, with all your documents and applications available.

Key Facts

Ubiquity: Access your documents, files and applications from anywhere and any device.

Flexibility: From the small business to the big corporation. Also for individual use. There is an eyeOS for you!

Integration: The eyeOS architecture makes easier and faster the integration of any web application that you use.

Simplicity: From its first steps, eyeOS has been planned and created to be intuitive and easy to use.

Collaboration: Share files and edit them in a real-time collaboration suite with other users.

Privacy: Decide where your files are: You can have your own eyeOS server!

Security: Control your eyeOS. You are who manage roles and permissions for each user.

Low costs: All in one in a single platform: the best way to optimize time and resources.

Why should I trust eyeOS?

We enjoy what we do. This was the essence on our beginnings and this is our way of life.

We share knowledge

eyeOS has grown thanks to the contribution of people who believe in the project, sharing their time and knowledge with the project. The sum of this joint effort has enabled us to create and maintain the eyeOS project as an innovative technology. Because together is always better.

We love challenges

We are involved in eyeOS because only by facing the challenges something can be improved. Professionalism is our business core. We are young and we are looking for the professional excellence and that means accepting challenges and achieve them every day.

We are green

Cloud Computing technology enables a company to render energetic costs and increase efficiency without impact structures. We bet for a conscious attitude of respect for the environment and people.


RIA Framework

EyeOS is not only a web desktop with its own valuable applications; it has been designed from the beginning to enable easy development and creation of new applications. EyeOS 2.0 is the perfect development framework for quick and easy creation of rich Internet applications. It has been completely developed with open technology and widely accepted standards such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Qooxdoo, log4php, PHPUnit, OpenOffice and others, enabling the system to function on a common web server without any modifications, and using any standard browser without any additional plug-ins installed.

Open Source

It is simple to access the EyeOS code, because it follows an open development model with a public SVN, version control system, which tracks the development of the project. Furthermore, all of the EyeOs code is documented so that you can start using it from day one.

Develop Easily

Learning to program in EyeOs is quick and easy. And once it is done, you don’t have to worry about the system at all! Thus, it is very easy to create an application. EyeOs has been designed as a totally extensible system so that anyone can create an application using PHP and JavaScript and integrate it into the system. Its free software model and free license mean that the software can be adapted without problems.



The desktop

eyeOS has rethought the concept of a web desktop. Instead of showing a lot of icons on a wallpaper, we’ve decided to use the desktop to display the most useful information for the user. The new base screen is now a series of widgets with the most important information about your session and personal information, to help you increase your productivity.

The base applications

eyeOS comes by default with applications to create and work with Office files (with a word processor and a spreadsheet program), calendar, diary, email (with POP3/IMAP support) and much more. EyeOs aims to be a great stable suite for comfortable online work, both individually and with other users simultaneously.

Better, easier developments

Making eyeOs 2.0 applications is easier than ever. The GUI (graphical user interface) is completely implemented in JavaScript, and the system is based on OOP (object-oriented programming) and can be expanded or modified by adding classes and methods. The new store methods (GenericDao) allow you to save and retrieve data from the database transparently: it is not necessary to know SQL. Creating RIA (rich Internet applications) is easy and fast. Now eyeOS is a framework that combines JavaScript and PHP: there is no quicker and easier way to create a RIA.

Collaborative work

eyeOs 2.0 has been designed as a much more social desktop. The new version introduces new, easy and intuitive ways to share files, calendars and more between users and groups.