Version 0.9.5-rc2

playSMS is a flexible Web-based Mobile Portal System that it can be made to fit to 
various services such as an SMS gateway, personal messaging systems, corporate and 
group communication tools

Current Features
- Multiple database engine supported (using PHP PEAR DB)
- Send SMS to single mobile phone (web2mobile)
- Send SMS broadcasted to a group of mobile phones (web2mobiles)
- Support sending flash and unicode message
- Receive private SMS to Inbox (mobile2web)
- Forward single SMS from mobile to a group of mobile phones (mobile2mobiles)
- SMS autoreply, for easy autoreplying formatted incoming SMS
- SMS board, forward received SMS to email,html and/or xml page
- SMS command, execute server side shell script using SMS
- SMS custom, forward incoming SMS to custom SMS application
- SMS poll, manage polling system using SMS
- SMS quiz, serve quizzes on SMS
- SMS subscribe, manage user subscribes to a service using SMS
- SMS autosend, automatically send SMS once or repeated
- Create your own features, themes and gateway modules as a plugin
- Support Gnokii, Kannel, SMS Server Tools or Clickatell
- Simple webservices for sending SMS and retrieving delivery reports (input.php)
- Long SMS support, length of text configurable on config file
- Rate SMS by detination prefix
- SMS credit system per user
- Multi-language user interface supported
- Web-based interface

playSMS plugins source codes (all files under directory web/plugin) are LGPL.
playSMS libraries source codes (all files under directory web/lib) are LGPL.
The rest of the playSMS source codes are licensed as GPLv2.

Please read INSTALL and then FAQ

Anton Raharja (anton)
Eugene Trotsan (eugene)
Yoan Talagrand (yoan)
Abdul Hanan (hanan)
Helge Larsen
Aaron Simmons
Warsito (warsito)
Stephane Rosa (srosa)
Emmanuel Chanson (emmanuel)
T.K Thapa (thapa)
Adeagbo Tunji (adetunjiha)