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Printer-printer yang diketahui dapat bekerja baik dengan Lemon POS

  1. Star Micronics TSP100
  2. Star Micronics SP500

    Testimoni :

    "Well, we have tested the Star Micronics TSP100. It is a thermal printer. Using the CUPS driver.Also, the Star Micronics SP500, which is an impact (dot matrix) printer. But the code to print on this printers using the /dev/lp0 port has not been updated since very much time. Someone reported that this printer also supports the CUPS driver." - Miguel Chavez Gamboa

  3. TSP700 (USB)
  4. TSP700ii (Ethernet) 
  5. TSP800 (Ethernet)

    Testimoni :

    "I have used a TSP700 (USB), TSP700ii (Ethernet) and TSP800 (Ethernet). All using CUPS and the drivers from the manufacturer. " - Benjamin Burt