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E. Creating a Job Category

OrangeHRM allows you to create job categories and classifications.

To create a new job:

  1. Select Admin > Job.
  2. You can configure 5 different options for each job.
    • Job Titles—Enter the job title, for instance, “Sales Representative.”
    • Job Specifications—Enter certain types of status, such as Exempt or Non-Exempt, Salaried, Commission, Hourly, or other status.
    • Pay Grades—Define currency and minimum and maximum pay rates.
    • Employment Status—Define employment status such as full or part-time, terminated, and so on.
    • EEO Job Categories—Import EEO job categories.
  3. Select Job > Job Titles.
  4. Click Add.
  5. For Job Title, enter “Sales Representative.
  6. For Job Description, enter “Research, prospect, write proposals, present to prospects and customers, and complete sales process.”
  7. Click Save.
  8. Select Job > Job Specifications.
  9. Click Add.
  10. Enter a name in the Name field and then click Save. This choice will now appear in the Job Specification drop-down menu.

  11. Now select Job > Pay Grades and click Add. 
  12. Enter a name, and then click Save. This displays the Pay Grade dialog.

  13. Select a currency from the Currency drop-down menu, and then fill in the other fields if you like.
  14. Click Save.
Note that you can define multiple currencies for the same pay grade, in case you operate internationally.

That’s it. You’ve defined a new job, along with job specifications and a pay grade you can use for other jobs.