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F. Working with Qualifications

Often, training and education are sub-functions of a company’s HR department. OrangeHRM allows you to work with Qualification courses or  categories, which are important when dealing with technical or licensed employees. In many industries, employees are encouraged to take continuing education, while in others, they are required to maintain qualifications set by government agencies or professional organizations.

To create a Qualification:
  1. Select Admin > Qualification.
  2. You’ll see 2 categories you’ll need to configure.
    • Education—Define institutions and courses.
    • Licenses—Define professional licenses.
  3. Select Admin > Qualification > Education.
  4. Enter an institution name and a course title.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Select Admin > Qualification > Licenses
  7. Enter the name of the license you want to define. OrangeHRM automatically assigns a unique identification number.
  8. Click Save.