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B. Understanding OrangeHRM Modules

OrangeHRM has split the tasks of managing Human Resources into functional categories or modules. The 8 different modules are Admin, PIM, Leave, Time, Benefits, Recruitment, Reports and Bug Tracker. This tutorial covers the first seven of these modules. Each module is accessible via the tabs at the top of the OrangeHRM screen.

To explore the available modules:
  1. Click Admin
  2. Take a look at what’s available for you to work with.
  3. When finished, click on another module tab, if you’d like to explore further.
  4. When finished exploring, click Home.
Although each module covers a different area of human resource management, many of the tasks you’ll perform to configure and use the
modules are very similar. By spending some time reviewing each module (in each tab) you should begin to see some basic patterns of how OrangeHRM is organized.