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phc (PHP Compiler)

phc is an open source compiler for PHP with support for plugins. In addition, it can be used to pretty-print or obfuscate PHP code, as a framework for developing applications that process PHP scripts, or to convert PHP into XML and back, enabling processing of PHP scripts using XML tools.

phc for PHP programmers (See Manual):

  • Compile PHP source into an (optimized) executable (supports entire PHP standard library).
  • Compile a web application into an (optimized) extension (supports entire PHP standard library).
  • Pretty-print PHP code.
  • Obfuscate PHP code (--obfuscate flag - experimental).
  • Combine many php scripts into a single file (--include flag - experimental).
  • Optimize PHP code using classical compiler optimizations (in the dataflow branch - very experimental).

phc for tools developers (See Developers and Contributors):

  • Analyse, modify or refactor PHP scripts using C++ plugins.
  • Convert PHP into a well-defined XML format, process it with your own tools, and convert it back to PHP.
  • Operate on ASTs, simplified ASTs, or 3-address code.
  • Analyse or optimize PHP code using an SSA-based IR (in the dataflow branch - very experimental).