VPN eXpress

A VPN is:
  1. Virtual: This is because there is no real direct network connection between the two (or more) communication partners, only a virtual connection provided by VPN software, realized normally over public Internet connections.
  2. Private: This is because only the members of the company connected by the VPN software are allowed to read the data that has been transferred.

The challenges faced by companies nowadays are as follows:
  1. he general acceleration of business processes and the rising need for fast, flexible information exchange between all branches of a company have made 'old-fashioned' mail and even fax services appear to be too slow for modern requirements.
  2. Technologies, such as Groupware, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are used to ensure productive teamwork, and every employee is expected to cooperate.
  3. Almost every enterprise has several branches in different locations and often has field and home workers. All of these must be enabled to participate in internal information exchange without delays.
  4. All computer networks have to fulfill security standards to high levels to ensure data integrity, authenticity, and stability.
  5. Secure and flexible access for mobile devices has to be implemented, including new strategies for laptops and modern smartphones.